Hi! I am an artist living in San Diego but stay true to my New York roots. I moved here a few years ago after completing my art degree from SUNY Albany.

I enjoy playing with ideals of beauty and sexuality against what is possibly deemed ugly through disfiguration and exaggerated proportions. My work is abstract with emphasis on the female figure through the use of mixed media.

I do not paint with the finished product in mind. Instead, my creative process is fueled though personal emotions while relying on the element of chance. I use gouache and acrylic paint but rely on collage to uncover the deepest emotions buried within my subconscious mind.

Some people ask if Picasso or Dali influence me but the artists that have inspired me most are Wangechi Mutu, Hannah Hoch and Richard Hamilton. I love to explore photomontage and the art that came out of the Pop Art Movement and Dada Art Movement.